Mid-day Dog Walks

While healthy adult dogs can usually “hold it” for eight hours without incident, puppies and some older dogs just can’t make it that long. That’s where our midday dog walking service comes in.

Do you really want to run home on your lunch hour to let the dog out? We’d love to take care of it for you! Or maybe you just have a dog that’s a bundle of energy – think how much calmer he’d be if he’d already had a nice walk while you were away at the office! Midday dog walks are also a great alternative to doggie daycare – without the hassle of dropping off and picking up! We even leave a report card for you, so you know how he behaved while you were out, whether he did all of his outside business, and if there is anything else unusual that you might want to make note of.

Prices for Midday Dog Walking

 Starting at $20 per standard visit

– $9 per each additional 15 minutes (Scheduled only when care cannot be given in a standard visit,
such as medication needs, large number of pets, etc. or added at time of visit in cases of emergency)

* Holiday visits are subject to a $5 per visit surcharge.

*In addition to check or cash we also accept MasterCard & Visa.

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